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Thursday, 5-2-2009

At last, we are finally home from England! I had meant to post whilst there, but unfortunately the internet connection I had was very slow and rather bad, so instead of wasting my time and crying and wanting to pull my hair out, I just decided to wait until I got home... which I think was a good and bad decision all at once. What is a girl to do?!

Unfortunately, my return to the United States was not as wonderful as I had dreamed. I knew our schedule last weekend would be hectic, but it took a bit of a toll on my body. We landed from London in Seattle at 9:00 pm, met up with a group of students, rented a car, and left at 10:00 pm to drive down to San Jose - over 850 miles! We arrived 4 hours later than scheduled (due to a flat tire on the Bay Bridge, of all places!), but I was too jet-lagged to go to sleep immediately, so I stayed up to do some work on my computer... pay bills, double-check competition entries and first-round times, etc. I finally went to bed after staying awake for more than 40 hours. The next morning, I was awake to watch students dance, then danced myself that night, only to be given a terrible result. On Sunday, more students danced, then we danced that night. This time I danced horribly, but was given a better result than I deserved! We left San Jose to drive back up to Seattle six hours later (5 am), arrived in Seattle at 8 pm, ate dinner, and finally made it to bed around midnight Monday night. We had no time to rest, because we had to start teaching dance at noon the next morning, and the location is a 45 minute drive from our house.

After such a grueling schedule, it should have come as no surprise when I felt the scratching of a sore throat Tuesday evening during my regular teaching schedule. Just in case it helps (which I am not so sure it doesn't),  I treated myself to a gin martini that night (with 3 olives, the way I like it). Upon waking the next morning, I discovered the virus to have taken full control of my body! I stayed home Wednesday afternoon, sleeping while Simeon chopped wood all afternoon in the backyard. I taught like normal Wednesday night, and by Thursday I was able to be on my feet during the day again. Thank God! Happily, I am recovering quickly, which means I can soon return to my writing!

At least I am now home and able to keep my website up. Drop me an email and tell me what you think of the changes.


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