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I am currently looking for an

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contact me!

A Counterfeit Noble

In the year 1477, England is experiencing a brief interlude in the maelstrom of the Wars of the Roses. But Isolda Sevin, an orphan with nothing but a skeletal wealth her father left behind, faces an abyss of uncertainty; for her life is soon to be controlled by a man she has never met, and she is na´ve of the corrupt means to which her aegis is intended. She is introduced to the young and ambitious Duke of Buckingham, whose charms and gentility make easy prey of her. But when she is thrown into the fetid Yorkist Court, she attracts the eye of the lecherous Marquis of Dorset and turns to the Duke for protection, unaware that Dorset's reach can extend far past the limits of the Duke's abilities.

                           Click here to read Chapter 1 of A Counterfeit Noble.

The Sophistry of Alchemy

Isolda Sevin, the Baroness of Merioneth, and the Duke of Buckingham are concerned with but one goal: revenge on the powerful Marquis of Dorset, who is guilty of avarice, arrogance, and a violent lust. When the King of England unexpectedly dies, the path toward vengeance becomes clear to Isolda and the Duke. They must support Dorset's mortal enemy in a desperate race for the throne, and ruthlessly crush anyone who steps in their way. But power is a drug unlike any other, and Isolda soon begins to fear there is no limit to the lengths the Duke will go before he satisfied.

                                 Click here to read the Prologue and Chapter 1 of The Sophistry of Alchemy.